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fly bonnets

Fly Bonnets

The original and best.

All the benefits of a hood and fly veil, in one, without

the danger of blindfolding your horse. Don't be fooled by cheap copies.

Comfortable design, will not rub your horse, can be left on at night for insect protection.

Stops coat fading.

Extremely Strong velcro, adjustable closure.

Available in ripstop cotton, heavy duty ripstop or ultrashade.

Standard neck length is  5"behind the ears.

Optional nose cover (Very good sun protection for white face horses.)

Ears and eyes are replaceable.                                 

Our Fly Bonnets have been proven to be very beneficial to Queensland itch sufferers.     

All ears will be in ripstop fabric as this is the softest on their ears 

Std ripstop $44.95

Heavy duty ripstop (x5) $49.95

Ultrashade $49.95

Nose cover (all flexi shade unless otherwise specified) + $7             

Replacement ears and eyes $8 pair

Sizes: Mini pony, pony, cob, full and extra-large. Bonnet size will be same as bridle/halter